Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion coupon

Principle: weight lost sampling
Types: Strip, Disc, customized
Process temperature: -200 to 800 °C
Process pressure: up to 420 bar g
Orientation: Side, Top
Connection: Flange, Thread, fitted in mechanical accessories
Material: customized same as pipe line
Holder material: Customized


• Pipe line corrosion measurement
• Easy installation and maintenance

Corrosion transmitter

Type: Electrical resistance (ER) probe
Measuring range: customized wide range
Process temperature: up to 145 °C
Process pressure: up to 690 bar g
Orientation: Top, Side, fitted in mechanical accessories
Connection: thread / Flange
Approval: EEx-ia
Protection: IP66 / IP67
Accuracy: 1% RV
Output: 4-20 mA HART / Relay
Sensor material: Customized
Installation: remote
Cable length: up to 10 m


• Online corrosion measurement in pipe lines