Level switches

Types: Float, Displacer, Paddle, Vibration
Process temperature: 0 to600 °C
Process pressure: up to 420 bar g
Orientation: Side, Top
Connection: Flange, Thread
Approval: EEx-d, EEx-ia
Protection: IP66, IP67
Output: SPDT, DPDT
Body and float material: CS / SS


• Tank level conrol
• Safety applications

Level indicators

Types: Reflex, Transparet, float & Tape
Body material: CS / SS / Plastic
Measuring range: up to 30 meters, custmized
Process temperature: -60 to 300 °C
Process pressure: up to 400 bar g
Orientation: side, top, bottom
Connection: flange / thread


• Tank indication at site

Level Transmitters

Type: Ultrasonic, Servo, Displacer, Radar, Guided Wave Radar
Measuring range: up to 60 meter
Process temperature: -200 to +350 °C
Process pressure: up to 250 bar g
Orientation: Top, Side
Connection: thread / Flange
Approval: EEx-d / EEx-ia
Protection: IP66 / IP67
Accuracy: ±0.5 mm
Output: 4-20 mA HART / Profibus / Foundation Fieldbus
Sensor material: SS / PTFE


• Liquids and Solidstank level measuring