About Us

Art Of Coding

Using a numbering procedure and following whole documents under a documentation procedure is one of our professional principles. Each project has a job number and all related documents will be available from order until operation. We guaranty all of our supplied products and services based on the coding procedure.

Clean Design

Our engineering team can provide you best possible engineering services in shortest possible time based on good quality and lowest cost impact. We supply our devices in different application based on the team advices instruction so could be helpful to have very clear design. The most important are mentioned in our supplied projects

Amazing Support

Our company policy is support all client until end of a project. We provide the best possible supporting engineering services such as supervision on installation, tests at factory, different inspection, shipment to client site, commissioning works and trouble shooting well. We offer spare parts based on application and our experiences and some case we supply them for free.


Greenish Land has been established in Dubai as a private local company in May 2004. Since establish time different activities have been followed so most of them dedicated on oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Our main activity consists of two different categories instrumentation and piping material works so our international partners will do the best as well as our clients expect.

We have enough capability to handle big projects including engineering, detailed design, procurement, commissioning and maintenance well. Our engineering team is certified by the most famous manufacturers and system provider, ready to handle related works carefully. We can guaranty provided systems and products quality and compatibility because all related test are done based on the client advised standards. The requested documentation and management tools are submitted in our projects to meet client requirements.

Our Office

Notes from managing director

Greenish Land has been established based on engineering foundation and always tries to serve all of our clients as well as possible. Now we are standing in the beginning of 15th birth of the company, so pleased by looking to the passed way because of our customer satisfaction and l hopeful to continue the way to have new friends. We should remember, sources are limited also should try to work optimized.
Our aim is alight name in the market also we try to do the best by executing whole our capabilities.

Mehdi Ghoreishi, Managing Director

Supported Industries

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Oil & Gas

Our success stories in this field is so long, you can refer to our supported clients from extraction and well head facilities to distribution products. Contact us for support.

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Chemical & petrochemical

We know everything about process and material in this category of industries. All of your data can be evaluated by our engineering team and output will be gallant for you.

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Water desalination plants will be heart of the Middle East in future, we are looking to this market and try to cover all of it requirements based on our experiences. We can supply everything you need.