A fluid mass or volume was passed through a duct or pipe in a defined time. We can suggest you a device compatible with your process.


One of the important parameters should be measured in plants and help us to have safe process. You can see locally or transmit for control.


Temperature changes so slowly in a process. You can measure and transmit to control system or check it at site where required.


Valve can stop or open each fluid way in a process or transit pipe lines easily.we know which type is suitable for your process well.

Pipe & Tube

Pipe lines can pass fluid where we required. Pipe specification is so important and we can select right material for your process.

Fitting & Flange

Process line is very important also we should be sure fluid can pass it easily without any stop. We can offer you all needed fittings.


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Tank Gauging

Tank gauging is an accurate package to monitor all parameters in a tank or tank farm. It can compensate all physical parameters such as temperature affect on fluid volume and mass.

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Control System

Control system is plant brain so make us sure, all parameters are under control accurately and production is done as well as we expected. It might be the most important part in a plant.

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Fire and Gas

It is a part of control system package can work independently or in connecting with ESD. It contains detection devices at site, manual call points, control panel, alerting deices. It protects our plant.

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Our Partner

Greenish Land Company has a big and famous partner, Metron from Italy. Moreover another big manufacturer helps us to have the best possible solutions with high quality products to serve our customers.

We can have direct world wide support from our international partners where our clients asked in shortest possible time.

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Definitions of Instrumentation and Measurement

We, Greenish Land Co. would be so pleased to draw your attention to primitive definitions of measurement and instrumentation knowledge, before entering in details

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Pressure Definition

When we talk about pressure; immediately, first thing springs to mind is physical definition. It is an effect or various type of deflection when a force pushes or applies on a surface.

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Pressure Gauges

Physical pressure definition was used for pressure measurement for many years before bourdon gauges innovation

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